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have my opinions of it, because I do make 
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Top 10 Reasons that I Promote the Unsubscribe Link In My Emails

  1. You get authentic subscribers: There is no sense in having even only 100 people on your list, if only 2 of them are opening your emails and those two people are you and your Mom. 
  2. It’s your money: You are paying for your email autoresponder. I don’t care if you set up an autoresponder plugin on WordPress. You are paying to send people emails for them to read them.  Not paying just to send them.
  3. It keeps your subscribers honest: If they were interested in you for a time and maybe you said something to offend them or you bore them. It gives them the opportunity to get off your list and not simply ignore your emails (that you’re paying to send, for them to read) and feel even more annoyed every time they see an email from you. 
  4. It keeps your brand honest: You are not just saying, “Be on my list, even if you don’t like me. Maybe one day I’ll send you something that you would like to buy!” Nope! It says, “I may not be the one for you at this time. So, let’s be honest with each other and lovingly part ways for now.”
  5. It shows that you are NOT money hungry: When you are open enough to show people the way out of your marketing funnel. They understand that you don’t “need” their money. Therefore it alleviates the feeling that you are there to get something from them. Then it gives them the warm feeling that you are there to bring value to them, if they so choose it.
  6. It makes your statistics more accurate: Believe me, if you tell someone that really doesn’t care to be getting emails from you to Unsubscribe, then they will unsubscribe. That “dead weight” is no longer a part of your statistical tracking and mathematical equation of your email marketing. This whole ideas tightens up your numbers. In turn, it makes the statistics stand on the firm foundation of Authentic Subscribers.
  7. It erases ALL of your Delusions of Grandeur: Let’s face it when you get that list up to about 5,000 subscribers. That’s the first time your Autoresponder Manager is asking you to pay more money to run your email campaigns. You’re more than likely making a little money and feeling a little high on your horse.  Yeah, you’re big time! You have 5,000 subscribers listening to you. But when you ask those jokers to get the heck off your list early and often, you may have a list of more like 500. You can test this if you have a big list, by sending out a few bye, bye emails and asking them to re-opt in. See how many people are really paying attention to your emails when you use this method. Your list will definitely dwindle down to a distinct few who are actually opening and reading your emails.
  8. You’re running a business, not a popularity contest: When I go to events I hear people all the time talking about how many people they have on their list. Every time, I am thinking, “but how many of those people actually open and click-thru those emails?” Many don’t talk about those numbers. Hmmmmm…. If you are running a serious online business through email, not only is opt-in important, but also open and click-thru rates. You will see your opens and click-thrus improve as the “dead weight” drops itself off through the UNSUBSCRIBE LINK
  9. You really don’t need all those people on your list: I know that I am beating a dead horse with this, but honestly…. in the olden days Frank Kern only had 200 people on his list and was making over $5000 a month. Off of just 200 people. And those were not just subscribers on that list. Those were subscribers that had bought something from him already. So, they were paying subscribers. That’s a real list. I heard once a guy say which list, your Amex or Visa list. He was talking about hardcore, money where your mouth is, subscribers.  Get those type of subscribers on your list and you’ll never worry about the size of your list again.
  10. KICKING PEOPLE OUT IS FUN!!!  Here I go word again… Honestly, who doesn’t get a hyped when they tell someone that they really don’t want around to get the heck out of their space. I know I do. And when I have someone dangling around my list. Opening one email a month and not even clicking on one link in that email. It honestly makes me feel used. Like they are not a real subscriber, just someone meandering around the internet opening my emails on a bored day, but they are not really interested in me. So, I’d rather kick em to the curb, than have them playing with my emotions. I recommend that you do the same. 

There are many beautiful ways to tell people that they can get the heck off of your list. Fun ways, straight up ways, and even nice ways. But the point is that this is better for you and for them. It helps them to clean up their inbox and it helps you to clean up your statistics.

Want to run a better business online?  Then ask them jokers to unsubscribe.

More Love,

Lauren G

*Btw, if you’re not interested in getting anymore tips like this in your email box, then please go back to this email and click the UNSUBSCRIBE LINK.

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