Don’t Be a Dreamer


“Don’t be just a dreamer, be a visionary. Because a dreamer keeps their eyes closed and a visionary keeps there eyes wide open.” ~ Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

“Believe that you have a future. Once you realize your area of excellence you are well on your way into that future.” ~ Dr. Farrah Gray


I loved this post. I am inundating myself with personal development of all kinds this year. I used to do it when I was on my way to a successful life. I got away from it and fell down pretty hard. I gotta tell my story sometime soon.

I hope sharing this post will help you to create a vision for your life as well. As, I am creating a vision for mine.

Keys to finding out what your area of excellence is:

  1. What comes easy to me, but is harder for other people?
  2. What would I do and do for free?
  3. How can I give back?

At first I thought that the last question wouldn’t help with your excellence, but it does. Where would you like to help is a pivotal question in your work that you are meant to do.

I have learned that walking away from what you are truly meant to do is detrimental to your wealth. You may make some money doing other things, but with very little joy. There is no such thing as I am going to do this, so I can do what I love. Just do what you love and figure out how to make money with that.

More Love,

Lauren G

Fleur de lys.

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